The Third Pillar

by Drew Danburry



released May 13, 2013

Severin Bozung – Piano
Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley – Drums
Tyler Osmond – Bass
Kyle Hooper – Bass
Additional Engineering by Jay William Henderson
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by Drew Danburry



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: Jimmy Carter, who gets blamed when it's all our fault.
There's a blockade of pressing pawns,
I doubt my passion can make up the lack thereof.
Throwing words meanwhile their withers are unwrung,
Self righteous spinsters crash and clatter all for naught.

The baby boomers fought one battle then left us with war,
Became a silk stocking brigade without candor.
A throng of carpet knights whose chivalry is only proof to me,
Not much has changed throughout centuries.

They're selling discontent for a cheap price,
You'll pay top dollar getting scraped and getting stained.
Carrying accoutrements like paper bags,
Depending on them to hold strong despite the rain.

I've been carving hieroglyphics deep into my knees,
You've been throwing your friends corpses out to sea.
Though we'll never see our actions measured we'll carry the weight,
Of our decisions, sometimes soon, sometimes late.
Track Name: Who knew what convenience what really bring us anyways? Answer: Sir Albert Howard
We fought for this empire with nowhere to go,
We all ran so fast but now it seems so slow.
With our sights set on a sloven image of comfort and passing ease,
We have brought this very country to its knees.

We warned you and your sister when we came rushing past,
You wrapped your weight around us just like us a mask.
Pulling and tugging begging guidance for its girth,
Your insecurity weighs more than its worth.

I don't know what to say, I never felt this way before,
But you caught me in a rather awkward place.
I never thought we'd quite lack so much space,
I came upon you this clear day and I wish we might have parted ways,
I never really deal with heavy things,
I never deal with stuff so traumatizing.

I don't know what to say, I never felt this way before,
But when I found you with my sister in the sheets.
You never had too much to say to me,
I guess now we'll have more to talk about....
Track Name: White Hand Religion
Demon Demon Demon, oh this passion in my chest, following your dreams you'll only fall.
I've questioned all my motivation being here right now,
Chasing six colors won't get you gold.
Chasing six colors won't get you gold.

Compliments don't pay the bills in my mouth,
But it's so enjoyable to thrash about,
Searching for Lincoln through vibrating strings,
And hallowing my art, by how the trail has broken me.

Angel Angel Angel, balancing upon my neck, the weight of all the love that I've received.
With all this kindness crushing me because it's unreturned,
A debt so heavy it's suffocating me.
A debt so heavy it's suffocating me.

Blinded by the hands I'm trying to lead,
And giving the advice that I mostly need,
If all art reflects our love then we're as ugly as we feel,
But immature poets imitate, mature poets steal.

If you wanted your own song, you wouldn't ask you'd sing along.
Track Name: You Give and Give and They Take and Take
I was only hoping for a way to escape me, I didn't mean to do damage to a fellow human being,
But I can see, if it hurts me, it hurts all humanity.

But I'll build walls to keep the devil in control, a man's alter ego only is what he wants you to know,
And it ain't right, but it's all you get tonight.

I'll repeat the process over hoping the results will change,
But the one thing you can count on is people will remain the same.
I'll be objectified till the end of my life,
You claim me mine but I'm no bitch, and I've a wife.

With every conversation I can feel you closing in, narrowing your vision for a simple sign to fit,
But I can see, oh I can see you try to steal my humanity.