70 Love Songs

by For all the Girls

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Damien Fairchild's second effort is a 70 song album featuring a different artist collaboration on nearly every single track. Featuring a vast array of genres, unique sounds and an exploration into the many different forms of love. Released Feb 14th, 2014.


released February 14, 2014

Engineered and Mixed by Drew Danburry
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by Natalie Neal



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: For all the Girls feat. Drew Danburry
Girl, why you wanna break my heart? Why you wanna even start?
There's no hope believing this'll end.
Why you wanna throw up hands? Why you wanna make demands?
As if I'm a heathen, in pretend.

I'm hoping you'll believe me, I'm hoping you will see.
I'm hoping you'll remember, remember everything.
Track Name: Dominique feat. Travis Bunn
Dominique, there was a time I loved you.
Dominique, there was a time I needed you.

Now you're gone, I carry on, without you.

Dominique, I'm still in love with you.
Dominique, I still need you. Need you.
Track Name: Erica feat. Bat Manors
They say “you're not our kind,” we'll bide our time,
and maybe we'll find someday, we'll have our way.

Even though you're so blue, Erica, you're the only one I love.

You say it is enough, acceptance of supposed flaws or how I'm not fitting into your world
but I want so much more than to be adored, or coddled for, who I am.

Even though you're so blue, Erica, you're the only one I love.
Track Name: Mary feat. Book on Tape Worm
Mary, mary why so contrary, how does your garden grow?
When your sweetheart has grown so cold.
A smile would be nice but a frown will suffice I suppose.

Mary, mary why so contrary, how does your garden grow?
When your sweetheart has grown so cold.
A smile would be nice but a smirk will suffice I suppose.

And oh she put those silvery bells away with the shells that she hid on that fateful day
that she gave up on smiling...

Oh when she smiles it reaches for miles
and the sun can't contend cause there just is no end
and it fills up your soul leaves you damaged but whole
and you always need more but don't know what it's for,
but I do! Mary, how I love you!
Track Name: Samaire feat. Desert Noises
Summer came and took my breath she left me gasping with my rasping chest,
and then Samaira came to bring me some relief.

And then as time moved on I moved on too I always hoped I'd get a better glimpse of you,
The biggest problem now is how to say your name.

Samaire! You take my breath away!
My heart is bursting, this flame never will lose its spark.

Because it's not your eyes or your good jaw, if we all took the time we're bound to find to some flaws,
I think you're great and now I hope you know it well.

Oh see, such beauty and more, there's more inside your heart.
Track Name: Chaunte feat. Coral Bones
When you took me under your wings taught me how to,
sing straight from my heart to yours
Then I watched you walk away knew you couldn't,
stay had to live your dream in New York.

But it does not feel right working for some sunlight,
working towards your picket fence but it will not come today.
And call me neutral friend or enemy,
cause I am blind to what you see but I can see you and me.
Oh, but I can see you and me.

So there is a level wherein in I cannot forget you,
can't forget your face, your soul.
But if life could give me more choice no regrets,
these dusty streets would bring you here to me.

But it does not feel right working for some sunlight,
working towards your picket fence but it will not come today.
And call me neutral friend or enemy,
cause I am blind to what you see but I can see you and me.
Oh, but I can see you and me.
Track Name: Aubrey feat. TaughtMe
I gotta tell ya, it isn't Audrey boy. Just remember to get it right.
We met and we sang and danced for three days straight,
trying to shake out all that lightning from the first time.

Aubrey. You left your boyfriend home and joined me on the road,
A traveling muse for paper lungs but we arrived safely to our tree.

Aubrey. We're going to lay on the ground and we're not going to kiss,
with a running stream nearby, I hope that I survive the flood that's coming.

San Francisco, open your golden gates, this chico is coming home, to his one and only Aubrey.

Aubrey. You left your boyfriend home and joined me on the road,
I know we will arrive safely to our tree.
Track Name: Gabrielle feat. Pleasant Pictures
Gabrielle, you are so sweet, I praise the day that we did meet.
Oh how I'm hoping you will see, and maybe, you'll stay with me, and maybe you might stay.

Gabrielle, you showed me songs, you wrote the chorus with your walk.
Where did you go? You've disappeared, lost in all those passing years.

Oh Gabby, please come to me, Oh Gabby, please return like Matthew Sharp.

If there was one thing I could say, your company made me feel great.
For every wound you patched with love, oh dearest friend your well thought of.

My best wishes and all amends, are sent to you, dear long lost friend.
Track Name: Xochitl feat. Lake Island
Tu eres mi corazon, tu eres una bendicion
Xochitl, tu eres mi amor

Your lovely eyes, do you realize I'm yours forevermore?
And how your grace, brings a smile to my face.
Track Name: Lorianne feat. L'Anarchiste
When I met you, you opened my eyes,
Your healing love helped me realize,
There was something more I could give from inside,
but I'll be on my way.

Lorianne, you know I've been trying,
and I know you've been crying.
And darling I love you,
but I can't make you wait.
Track Name: Rogue feat. The North Valley
This shrouded louthing pays off in rips and tears,
How are your ex-lovers? Are they happy without you there?

Remember your first love? Did it break you? Did you cry all night?
When did you first realize you aren't good enough? And there's no need to try.

It almost broke me, the power of your touch,
Stuck in a coma, I love you oh so much!

Oh Rogue, how you stitch me up so sweet,
Anna Marie, how you stitch me so sweet.
Track Name: Gemma feat. Adam and Darcie
Embarking on your own to foreign shores,
A similar Noelle to be sung just once more,
With every passing breeze there's broken tile,
You offer purpose in existence, one reason more to smile.

Everyone carries on but you,
Oh Gemma how can you be so lovely in heart.

Heart in motion, art in grace by grace,
How lovely are your eyelashes how lovely is your
Face me now and tell me every truth
The truth is that your beautiful, the truth is that I do love you.
Track Name: Ashley feat. Apache, The
Ashley there is something, about you baby I find so becoming,
when we met playing Mortal Kombat all I heard was “get over here”.
And later we went skiing way up on Alta and read E.E. Cummings,
oh how I find you so very empowering when your lips mouth the words je t'aime.

I wish that I had Jesse's girl

Ashley do you recall you were a haven like a ghost in the fog,
when we crossed borders I never felt so afraid and yet so in love.
Track Name: Jaryn feat. Ashlee Woo
The frost would settle on the corners of your eyes
The cold would break through your warm face worn in disguise
But I believe below your trembling knees
I've found someone to love.
Track Name: Rebecca feat Like, Listen To
Rebecca, are you aware I think you're wonderful, is it a blunder on my behalf?
To write you a song with what you gave as a gift, it may not do justice for all your charm.

But is there a respect that's mutual, no regrets are entertained nor pain on either side.
Perhaps it's because I don't play board games with you I've heard that you're brutal and I don't lose.
Track Name: Selena feat. Justin Duckwitz
Darling dear, I would be there for you know I would if I could I would be there in a beat of my heart
darling if there was a way I'd see you face to face with our eyes in each other's eyes,
what a surprise it would be for us, don't you know I love you, love you and your long brown hair.

In the autumn, in the moonlight,
I will follow, don't leave my sight.
But if you feel so compelled to, darling run.

And if I can, if I'm able,
I will carry, to your table,
All my love dear, all my love, is all for you.

Darling dear, I will be there for you know I will there's no alternative when in love you can't help but dedicate every little thing you have.
Track Name: Morgan feat. Iji
I know I've seen you before in the middle of the night,
dreamworld landscape barely got it right.
I bet we can find a place where love can exist,
Bermuda, Bahama, other islands like this.

and I know you know me now
and I feel something freaky deep down so I tell you

That if you're there, and if I'm here we might as well leave and
we'll find somewhere to show we care however you wish my dear.

The first time that I saw you couldn't get you out of my head,
And I can't wait to get you into my bed.

That if you're there, and if I'm here we might as well leave and
we'll find somewhere to show we care
Track Name: Allyson feat. Joe DeGeorge
Every time I see you smile I wish that I could sit awhile and give you more reasons to
Smile a little more for me I wish that you could better see I care for you deeply.

and Ally how I know you're meek, oh.
But to hear your voice form such words of friendship, love and care.

If beauty's in beholden's eye it makes you more lovely than I you've talent in seeing
the good around you in the world then shared on stage as you glow girl the footlights can't match you.

And one day we'll meet and I hope
we'll walk arm in arm as good friends,
and closing this brief moment now I'll thank you
as every book and song eventually must end.
Thank God our memories never do,
I'm oh so glad to have met you.
Track Name: The Danburrys sing Alexandria Eve de Chizuko Queen Anwen von Smith
The very first time that I ever saw you, I knew just what to say in my mind,
Te quiero bonita, te amo por siempre mi amor.

But your blank face just showed me confusion, you paused your Walkman, Use Your Illusion,
You took my hand, burned my wrist with your lit cigar.

Alexandria Eve de Chizuko Queen Anwen von Smith

Never in my life was I so smitten, never ever before was I so stricken,
You gave me your name but now there's no room left for your phone number.

Alexandria Eve de Chizuko Queen Anwen von Smith

1, 2, 3, we are counting numbers.
Track Name: Desirae feat. Math the Band
When I first set eyes on you, I knew that what I felt was true,
and when you first set eyes on me, I knew you saw how my love gleamed from my eyes.

Desirae, does your heart say? That I'm the one? That there'll come a day?
When I belong to you.

Desirae baby, what ya say baby? How bout you and me make ourselves a big baby?
Track Name: Whitney feat. Atheist
Whitney, will you dance with me? Baby, will you be my girl?
Has anybody been a human jack in the box to give you a surprise that was totally awesome?

There's a girl in my class she's new, she got a pretty face gotta make my move,
Get up and move right across that room, wanna be my bride? Girl, I'll be your groom.
Moving too fast? can I move in? Just let me get a truck see you by the weekend.
Oh you're not ready? Let's go steady, wanna be preppy? Here's my pen.
How about a date? Just one date, I swear what I'll do anything to make it great.
But just in case that I make a mistake, could you make me a list of everything you hate?
I'm nervous, you're pretty, I'm awkward, you're witty.
I'm nervous, you're funny, I'm awkward, you're lovely.
Five years later you wear that ring, finally came true did all my dreams,
Wanna buy you a cat just to hear you scream, then fly you to Jersey to see Springsteen.
Track Name: Ameena feat. McKay Stevens
Ameena Ameena she's the queen of the streets
the only thing that come between us is the keeping the peace
At least the only people that she loves but me
are a couple lonely thugs interrupting the beef
It seems the only people ever loved her back
smoke crack behind a back alley acting wack
And it's that fact that makes me dedicating this song
to a woman raised up changed her life from wrong
and I know you suffered and you struggled the most
held close I could feel the cold breath of your ghost
left froze by the weight of the world you might choke
so I could bring you sunshine you remain hopeful
Cause there's a brighter day just ahead,
I can see it, it's a night away so instead
turn the negative to positive though that's how I gotta live
gotta a lotta love from above so I gotta give.

Baby baby I feel so sad, don't you know I am so morose
and there'll come a day when I'll be glad
But when it comes and where it's from may be another's love
And until the time when I'm released
From all this pain that's driving me insane
I'll be on my knees begging please
For your return, into my arms, to bring me sweet relief.
Track Name: Roberta feat. Brandon Kitterman
Roberta, love is a pretty strong word
I'm glad ya like my yellow O.P. T-shirt
but I was painfully shy
when I called that night
your mom gave me such a fright
but when I saw you drive
your beauty strengthened my mind
I know it's silly to try
but girl you're blowing my mind.
Roberta, love is a pretty strong word,
Roberta, that's why I tell you that I love you girl.
Track Name: Kayla feat. The Sense Divide
Kayla I'd do anything for you but sometimes it's the best if we just move onto,
All the things we feel we need to do, cause following ideals will bring me closer to you.
Track Name: Shaylee feat. Micah Dahl Anderson
Shaylee, how do you make my life so much better?
Shaylee, how do fill my hand with the right letters?

I wanna know how you do it.
I wanna know, it seems like there's nothing to it.

Shaylee, how do you fill my heart with thoughts of safety?
Shaylee, how do you rid my fears of any maybes?

I wanna know how you do it.
I wanna know, it seems like there's nothing to it with Shaylee.
Track Name: Megan feat. USS Leland
Megan, you won't let a boy hold your hand but I'm one of the few who understands.
Megan, we watched movies late at night but when I moved in close you died of fright.

And I'll be sitting right here by your side, you won't hold hands but will you kiss me goodnight,
Well I can't wait all day but Meggy please tell me it's not in vain.

Oh Megan, Oh Megs, Oh Meggy, Oh Megatron,
there's no one quite like you but maybe I'm the match that just might do.
You'll never know till there's a chance, it's not a casting couch it's just a dance.

But one thing you don't know about me, I was diagnosed with an opposite disease,
and this might be all for naught but Meggy I hope at least you enjoy your song.
Track Name: Bailey feat. Color Animal
Bailey, I've been thinking if there's a way I'd like you off my mind
or maybe I've been dreaming there'll come a day when you will become mine

Sew my lips all buttoned shut, your words I'll miss all drenched in love.

Bailey I think maybe it's about time, your actions matched your speech
That life preserving bait and hook, with white design is a tomb underneath

So throw me rope just once again, but wrap my throat, just make it end.
Track Name: Jessi feat. i hate you just kidding
The scintillating echoes of your mind remind me of the time,
We sat above the freeway and we made some plans, hand in hand.
It wasn't just confetti pouring from your mouth, though I'd allow,
For you to villify me if I knew you cared, felt something where.

Your heart beats beneath your lovely skin I wish we could stop so I could drink you all in
Oh Jessi, how much you mean to me.
Track Name: Paula feat. Nate Pyfer
Paula when you said you're forever my girl,
you may not have heard my reply,
so I wrote this all out for you and the world to hear,
in case you lost my message or my undying devotion was denied.

I'll never forget your pink lipstick and your hair,
you knew how to tease it just right,
Your halter top left me breathless like the rest of your style,
your clothes always fit so snug and tight.

Paula, you were a mega babe. So baby, got to remember, I'm forever your boy.
Track Name: Anna feat. Seve vs Evan
Anna, you immobilize or banish every thought of ever feeling okay on my own,
your very existence upon the face of this great Earth just ain't enough without you as my girl.

And you are like a dream, and you, a curse and a blessing
Oh how I need you so, I can't let you go, Anna can you be real?

But when I see your smile, fears melt away,
Anna I'm waiting forever please come to stay.
Track Name: Xena feat. Neil Bly
Xena, you are a warrior, a princess brave and bold
Wherever you walk evil is vanquished along with all your foes
Your smile is sexy and disarming, a rebel yell and shrill cry
Xena I love you forever at least in medieval times
Track Name: Scarlet feat. Lynn Wiberg
You're like a punch in the heart, jumpstarting my body feeling brand new things
And when you punch out strong men, I want to be with you and safe from all things
Oh is there ever a day when my mind can escape the wonder of you?
Oh is there ever a way to not love you?

Scarlet it isn't just your hair, or your skin oh so fair driving me up all walls,
Oh is there ever a day when my mind can escape the wonder of you?
Oh is there ever a way to not love you?
Track Name: Milena feat. Hei Mao
If there was a way to see this through, if I could learn to live without you
Oh my lady, how your arrows crush my heart.

If I called, will you be there? If I stalled, would you still care?
Oh Milena, how your love is my life's quest.
Track Name: Marissa feat. Surf Feet
Marissa, we kissed on your porch and when I stumbled forth I was won.
And in time, I would see all that I could be depends on you.

Cause there is something deep within your smile
Healing the wounds I've needed fixing for a while
Marissa I need you and no one else

So please Marissa say you love me back.
Track Name: Genevieve feat. Drew Danburry
Genevieve, how you leave me breathless by your sight
Is it a shock that you're my rock on which my sanity relies
Is there a way to better say?

How I hope we could elope or take a trip as far away
that we couldn't go more or farther before we started returning to stay
Is there a way to better say?

I love you Genevieve, you mean everything to me.
Track Name: Chastenet feat. Garrett Roads
Can you hear the words I use? Can they heal old wounds?
Is there any way to escape this fall from grace?

Was there once a time you felt? You couldn't love anyone else?
How many jilted lovers say the oft repeated name of Chastenet?
Track Name: Rachael feat. Michael Gross and the Statuettes
We stood out in front of the house your eyes big and deep
I tried my best deciphering hoping I'd know what they mean
When you moved in closer my hope then changed to faith
Belief that maybe dreams come true and life can turn out great
And faith changes to knowledge when you taste belief with your own lips
And when I say I love you I mean it can't get better than this
Track Name: Cassie feat. Mooninite
Cassie I was hoping you might give me a chance
A chance to tell you how I really feel
Cause every time I find myself within your company
I lose myself inside your eyes and in your beauty deep
Oh Cassie please be mine and all for me
Cassie I was hoping you might give me a chance
A chance to show what good my love could do.
Track Name: Chloe feat. ALARMs
Do you remember the first day we met?
I placed myself upon your porch with flowers in my hand.
I spent my summer all with you and I wrote letter after letter after letter when you moved.
Every breath to be with you

It's not okay if you're disinterested
It's not okay if you want time
It's not okay if you want other boys
It's not okay if you're not mine
It's not okay if we don't meet again
It's not okay if we're apart
It's not okay if I'm not worth your love
It's not okay if we're too far
It's not okay if I'm too immature
It's not okay if you're growing up
It's not okay if my words aren't enough
It's not okay if times are tough
It's not okay if we have grown apart
It's not okay if we lack peace
It's not okay if you feel different
It's not okay if you're not with me

Chloe please be my girl
Chloe you're my whole world
Track Name: Sif feat. Yardsss
Your hair recalls rows of summer wheat and how I'm pleased by all our flyting,
Of loyalty a match yet you've to meet and oh to see you alongside me fighting.
Track Name: Elna feat. The Awful Truth
You curb stomped my heart, it was a good start, your heel bruised my septum.
Face down on the floor, you showed me the door when I brought you flowers.
Elna, bake me a cake then sit on my face.
I love how you hurt and not just to flirt but I'll beg forever.
Track Name: Lydia feat. Mideau
Lydia, will you be my girl?
Ever since the day I learned your name, I have struggled to feel quite the same.
Ever since the veil was pulled from eyes, I have only seen what makes up white.
Track Name: Ksenia feat. David Nelson
Ksenia do you remember the time when you were on E and I was totally spaced out on shrooms and we were hanging out in my brother's bedroom and you were telling me about how you thought the stars were like other human beings that were communicating with us and you wanted to know what I thought of that and I said, and I was just like “whoa” you know? And then we had sex. It was the best night of my life. Best night ever. In my life.
Track Name: Elizabeth feat. Beat Radio
I'm a little hard to read even though I'm easy going
You see me for who I am and you have a way of knowing
And sometimes I still wonder if I'm dreaming
The only thing that I believe in
The only thing that's real and true
Is my love for you, Elizabeth.

And when I was just a kid, I already knew I loved you
But I kept my feelings hid, I was scared of what my heart knew
That maybe we were meant to be together
I've know other girls but never
Felt the way I feel with you
When I'm with you, Elizabeth.
Track Name: Chance feat. Jess Smiley
I took a single glance and it hooked me,
You said your name was Chance and I took it.
Whatever happened to that day?
Whatever made you go away?
Just take me back and say you'll stay.
I'll take that chance again, oh yeah.

Was it something that I said? If it was then I was wrong.
Was it something that I did? Then my apology is this song.
Track Name: Sandy feat. The Danger Kids
With the color purple, the breeze by the lake.
Much more than a lover, is this a mistake?
I hope it's not all for naught.
Sandy, can't you see, I'm in misery.

If you doubt my commitment, the choice that I've made.
I'll stay here forever, make no mistake.
I want this day forever to stay.
Sandy, can't you see? This love will never leave.
Track Name: Tana feat. Jason Anderson
Oh Tana
How I want to let you know just how beautiful you are.
How I desire one moment, oh just to be close to you.
Oh Tana
You are my everything.
You are my waking dream.
How I wish this song would make a difference.
Track Name: Viva feat. Paleo
What if when autumn came, instead of fall you saw the rising of the leaves?
Up from off the ground, they wound from brown to red to green and bound to trees.
With everything I've gained from experience, I had by way of trade.
It all was give and take, we're dealt the memory and charged the dealing day.

So Viva in due time, when I am old you'll go and live up to your name.
Up from off my mind, she'll wind from brown to red to green to find her aim.
With everything I've gained from experience, I had by way of trade.
It all was give and take, we're dealt the memory and charged the dealing day.
We are not made to break or to be bent to more and more impossible shapes
With everything I've gained from experience it all was give and take.
Track Name: Maggie feat. Matt Weidauer
Maggie the first time my eyes were blessed by you,
I renounced every beauty I once saw as truth.
Your vision stayed and plagued my eyes the whole day through,
And I doubted every single thing I thought I knew.

Maggie when my eyes accustomed to your light,
I didn't sleep for 40 days and 40 nights.
I galloped round the world to keep pace with the sun,
And tried to hold onto the rapture I had won.
Track Name: Charla feat. John Allred
I'm lost between the branch and ground, all I want is to know where I'm found.
To be in your graces to be by your side, to be where ever you are my dear.
Charla, please be my girl.
Track Name: Etsuko feat. Emma Jacobs
You've been upon my mind lately, you've been right there in my dreams,
Etsuko, you are my delight, a reason for this life, to finally seem sweet.

How flattering to hear those words, so glad to hear that you care,
Delighted to bring joy to you, I'm glad that I could do, thank you for the share.
Track Name: Madison feat. Polytype
We walked alone and spoke of things we've seen, when the sun dropped it robbed us of our speech.
I held your hand and breathed in deep, that moment shined and still burns within me.

When it got dark we made our way back home, Later that night you called me on the phone.
You told me how you thought you cared I said “Oh Madison, I'm already there”

I'll stay here by your side and one day, please call me mine.
I can dream. Without you though it's never the real thing.
Track Name: Arza feat. Nevermore and the Magic Mushroom
I just met a girl named Arza
I just fell in love oh so deep
Track Name: Dylan feat. Bastian Salazar
Sometimes we push our lover away, we are afraid they might say,
You weren't as good as I hoped.
Sometimes life is as good as it gets, we learn to live with regrets.
I'll learn to live without you.
But at times it's hard to believe this hole will fill or fade.
Sometimes I want you.
I want to...
Sometimes I want you to feel my pain.
I want to make it rain down on you
Sometimes I want you to feel so good
I want to make it understood that you chose well
Track Name: Kimika feat. Samuel L. Clarke
When you were drowning I swam you to shore
When you had nothing left girl I gave you all I had
Oh Kimika you mean everything to me
Love goes on forever, even when you haven't seen each other in years.
Track Name: Lianna feat. Spencer Russell
In my dreams, you're always with me, through the dark I'm able to see.
How we've sown the wildest of oats and how we've grown so close on our own.
Running through the greenest pastures with little hope to find.
Any shade of new disaster your eyes will take me to a new place a new time
Lianna, you're wonderful.
Track Name: Philippa feat. The Arcadians
Darling love child I saw you swimming in the sea,
And I knew you had to be with me
I had to drink deeply of your Mediterranean eyes of blue
And I felt a deep need to be with you
So if there's any way I can convince you of my love
I'll shout it baby to the skies above.
Track Name: Vanessa feat. J. Alonzo
Your fingers snuck oh so gently up my forearm my cheeks flushed,
smiling so sweet victory was so easy then.
My how we've grown had I known what I know now I'd still cry,
Pining away every day that's been lost to view those lovely days with you.

My fingers chase after eyelashes that fall from your face,
Making a wish how I'd wish for nothing more than this.
My heart it grows and I know that you know this when I smile,
The long days are quick when I know that you're at home.
Track Name: Paisley feat. Devin Powell
You placed a posey to my lips then pressed it shut,
Between the pages of a book of poetry that you love.
You spoke the words that made our flower wilt and die,
But every spring I watched it bloom and saw it twinkle in your eyes.

Paisley, how do you bring to life?
Paisley, can you be satisfied?

I'll place my hands into the Earth and till the ground,
And watch the seeds of love grow listening to their every single sound.
I'll gather sunlight, sprinkle raindrops where it's sparse,
I'll be your backing, be your moon, your dream, your music to your art.

Paisley, open your world to me.
Paisley, I will do anything.
Paisley, poetry set to grey.
Paisley, you are my every day.
Track Name: Janet feat. Jake Haws
Janet, Jana, Jannie, Jan, Janifer. You showed me love.

She's the one for me, that's how its supposed to be.
She makes me smile, when I'm in denial.
Janet you came to me, showed me some sympathy.
Love her and there's no doubt, what would I do without her.

Janet, Jana, Jannie, Jan, Janifer. You showed me love.
Track Name: Lisa feat. Malcolm Jackson
I was dreaming about a girl who'd take me home,
I was singing about a woman all her own.
Everything she ever did was beautiful to me,
Everything she ever did was beautiful as if you couldn't see.

I was dreaming about a girl to take my arm,
I was singing about a woman full of charm.
Lisa, is there a way for my love to reach your ears?
Lisa, is there a way to prove to you, prove to you my dear?
Track Name: Jua feat. Jessica Bassett
We'll travel the world in a hot air balloon and when we get home,
We'll lay on the heated floor watch Miyazaki films and the show Pingu.

We'll watch the monsoon right by your biggest window eating kyool,
and mother's kimchi pancakes, safely indoors and safely within your arms.
Track Name: Maya feat. Jason and the Astronaut
more than another pretty face or a swim suit wearing babe,
taking flack for all your roles as if it represents your soul,
trying hard to make your way doing everything you can,
left you struggling against the man.

Maya, you're more than a military wet dream and your humanity is Under Siege. When they recreated The Quiet Man scene from when you were in E.T. I wished I was in Eliot's place. I know you're more than a pair of pretty lips. I know you're more than a Playboy centerfold of July 1989. You're an ethereal woman, inside and out.

Maya, is there any way to show you, that I truly care about you.
Rather than just want to own you, I wanna get to really know you.
More than just see you in movies or see your lovely face on TV.
Pretty please oh please, can't you just believe me?
Track Name: McKenzie feat. Deadtooth
McKenzie, will you open up your door?
McKenzie, will you realign the shore?

Everything that I saw, blew my mind.
Everything that I have, I have because you're mine.

McKenzie, will you be there when I'm gone?
McKenzie, will you love me for this song?
Track Name: Sarai feat. Chaz Prymek
how your needle flows
through your very own
all your handmade clothes
make me swoon for you
if there was a way
guess I'll Start Today
how I'd sing your name
Sarai, Sarai.

If you decide to climb that high to see the letter up close,
You'll always be here with me in my heart of hearts.

words that Ernest wrote
when you threw that note
I just couldn't help
singing “Que Sera?”
knowing that you'll stay
though I leave today
maybe there's a chance
you'll come visit me soon.
Sarai, Sarai.
Track Name: Juanita feat. John-Ross Boyce and his Troubles
Nita, where are you when I need ya?
I think I'm gonna feed ya, to a pack of wolves

Baby, you always say I'm crazy,
and that might be the case it might be but don't bother to come home.
Track Name: Panacea feat. Ryan Avery
Panacea, you're driving me crazy,
the things you do with puppets amaze me.
Panacea, I hope you never change,
but if you ever do.

Change into a creature a swamp creature,
A swamp creature would be super.
With lots of green and red and yellow and pink and blue,
Panacea, I love you.
Track Name: Penelope feat. The Stamps Family Band
Penelope, you are our friend and also our cousin.
To all Penelopes and friends, we love you till the end.
Track Name: Elaine feat. Travis Bunn
Oh Elaine, this failure's running deep, it's only now becoming sweet.
Oh Elaine, my myopic love chides me to keep my place, though it's plain upon my face.
Such resolute resignation.

That lovely youthful fevered ignorance,
was a buckler made of parrafin to place my deep imprints,
Now humbled and keenly mortified, guilty of being a misanthrope,
I know it's not too much to gloat over.

Oh Elaine, what brought me faith in humanity, now drags me that much farther from being a friend.
Oh Elaine, that brass bound box well hides your love, but your fair face always gives you away.

Long winded and weak bodied, high ranked in passion,
But in the lower echelons, when it comes to patience and to love.
It's not our fault we're called to model,
That expectations are placed so high, when all we can really do is try.

Oh Elaine, I'm just working with the genes my ma and pa they gave me,
Trying to make them work so that one day you'll be my lady.
Track Name: Hayley feat. Drew Danburry
There was a time when I felt, elated at first,
but my heart's gonna burst
If I don't know now how you feel about me,
cause I cannot see if your love is for me or for somebody else.

Everything you've told me Hayley
Everything you've said
Everything my ears hear from your
Mouth goes to my head

But I, I just gotta know if,
if it's gonna last, or if your love will pass,
Will pass me right by, leave me here in the dirt
all broken and hurt cause I'm telling you girl, I'll love you forever.

Everything I've told you Hayley
Everything I've said
Everything your ears hear from my
Mouth comes from my head
and I'll love you forever.