East of the Sun and West of the Moon

by Like, Listen To

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Like, Listen To is Drew Danburry, Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley, Stuart Wheeler, Sydney Howard, Alyssa Pyper, Sara Bauman, and Maia Cook.


released February 8, 2016

Recorded and mixed live to 2 track on ¼ inch tape at MetCom Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Engineered by Michael Greene.
Mastered from tape straight to vinyl by Gotta Groove Records.
Album Art by Eric Edvalson.




Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: Child of God
Is the wind at your back? Always he replied. Is the sun on your face? Even when it is night.
And the road smoothens over as it rises to meet, my legs in their journey or wherever I be.
And God himself will keep me calmly in his palm or pocket,
For never will he ever be appreciated without me.

The four winds of destruction, follow me in their path.
Forcing all to be grateful, by taking all that you have.
So Jesus Christ you are welcome without me you would be,
Jobless and forgotten, lost in complacency.
The stranger's footsteps faded while the darkening clouds kept forming,
Into a blackened mass wherein the light began to slowly dim.

When you tear down another you only serve to promote,
The idea that you're lesser, placing yourself below.
So stop tearing down Satan, his role is vital as well,
Cause there cannot be heaven if there isn't a hell.
Track Name: Self-immolation
It's an elusive decay, but my mind has been made.
Disparagement on display, so gnash your teeth and then sway.
As your blood drifts away, carrying current dismay.
Only your eyes will stain, and extremities create.

Lethargic heated debates, the heat, the freeze, the thaw.
Matted dust on wood creates paneling refused and scarred.
So we talk and talk and talk but we never learn
So we talk and talk and talk but it's all done so backwards
Track Name: What I Avoid
You were always on my mind, I just couldn't help forgetting all the time.
With so much to care about, that you're galloping each time I turn around.
You're still seeing new before I settle down, but I'll settle down.

While you kiss away regret, I'll find all the reasons first hand how to live
As if the devil's after me, and I keep turning round in circles just to see.
And I am spinning all alone but so carefree, I guess that's me.

Every morning when I wake, I see rows and rows of fields in full sway.
If I could crawl back in your arms, if I could finish what we never got to start.

You were always on my mind, but I suppose we'll have our own place our own time.
That's why I always hate the choice, for I will never reconcile what I avoid.
Track Name: A Woman's Woes
How can you love me? You don't know who I am.
And how could you care for, a person you can't stand?
If you could see, I fail as I succeed.
And all of my flaws, keep overwhelming me.

Past lovers are reduced, into the simplest whore.
But my lips kissed back, initiating more.
and if they're to blame, shouldn't I deserve the same?
If they're not worth trust, how do I then with us?
Track Name: To Be Human
Metal plates collide, chiming in the wind and the sky sang a brand new song.
You were argus-eyed, a bellwether well disguised, Knot Tops in the offing gloves in hand.

Clamorous, philippic, antean, intransgient.

After handing your friend leather and claiming he was eve-teased.
Take up cudgels and bring knives it's more than just a fist fight.

I dreamed my ears hung longer than before and my mouth became a dotted line.
There are some mistakes that we'll keep paying for, don't send your love crawling on all fours.
Track Name: Chagrin Falls
There is a river flowing here, connecting to someone out there.
But somewhere in travel the words they unravel for fear, for when the ocean appears.
There is a noise along the coast, a violent storm of sandswept homes.
Parading their pride in such gentrified tribes who at most, display doubt with every boast.

And it's so easy to conform, the crowd will push for just one norm.
But sometimes one standing with boldness while handling a sword, will cut all taunts to the core.
And we were all given a voice, equipped with the power of choice.
And all given talents expected to make of them more, fools mock but oh they shall mourn.
Track Name: Take Back the Night
All of men are potential rapists, resisting everything but temptation.
Take 1953 and what it meant to me, when women are judged how they spread,
in centerfolds or in the bed.

And nowadays are things that much different? There's really no insult like the truth.
When bullying persists and when it is resisted a strident chorus starts to rise,
lest their own power be demised.

Maintaining one's own self-respect and freedom to define,
Their path as others pull them back to force them back in line,
Requires more effort than you might readily expect.

Degraded by objectification, perpetuating cultural norms.
Afraid to walk at night? Too far from the blue light? Of course it was the victim's fault,
existing with those legs and all.
Track Name: Apatheticism
When you called on the phone, I didn't know you were feeling so despairing darling.
And though I was so rude my attitude could have altered if I thought that maybe
Life is what we want it to be and if we could just believe we're capable of making dreams come true

That my hope is gone, but what I long for, to feel the flame of hope within my heart.
But I feel so cold, and no amount of charge could make it pump like it was
Able to feel much of anything and if there was a way to help me feel the way I used to feel.

This could mean trouble cause I don't speak for the club

Me across my skull spill out all my feelings, so useless when I cannot understand.
What they even mean, what they're even for since I can't make heads or tails of me or them
But I must try it's my life I'm living and if I avoid the choice it's a decision I'll regret.
Track Name: For the Fictitious Irma
The day was still and calm, a stifled heat prolonged.
This mawkish day became ill-fated in all ways.
Enamored boys in tow, their distant heat did glow.
And as you climbed so high, they had one thing in mind.

Hydra-headed, your education was more than upper drawers filled with white shoes.
But all the manners and fear they instilled was no match for all these bucolic rubes.

And so the fourteenth day, the second month became
A mystery unsolved, a flitting image gone.
And rubber stamps won't mend the swallowed smiles you've rent,
Stuck in the throats of those who traded youth to know.

Toffee-nosed and so very proper, opprobrium for penurious girls.
Acrimonious failure pressing, iatrogenic parochial pearls.
Track Name: The Sun in the Sky
The sun in the sky, blinded my eyes.
The moon it came down, with its silver crown and pulled me closer to shore.

The clouds spread out wide, diffusing all light.
The moon it was gone, as time had passed on and my feet found solid ground.

The water pulled back, receding too fast.
The faster I ran, was slowed by the sand and I never got damp again.
Track Name: Suffer
I got a head full of bad memories, I got a heart full of bad feelings
And no amount of prayer or love seems to take it away.
I got a mouth full of fierce language, I got two hands bloody and telling
And all I want is to be loved for who I am.
Could I please be human?

I have a wife loyal and loving, I have a son honest and lovely
And guilt for everything I've received and didn't deserve
And if I could I'd take on your suffering and if I could I'd tell you your beautiful
And if I could I'd heal your pain I'd heal your hurt.
Could I please do something?
God knows I want to give more.
Track Name: Ego
You're self involved and egocentric, you think the world revolves round you.
And all of your claims of being misunderstood how the world doesn't see you for all of your good
Makes you a Cain confused as Abel but I'll expose you for your fraud
You think sir that you are important but I promise you're not.

You couldn't fill a compact car with friends.
When will all this self-promotion end?
A bastard child and seventh son thinking you're the only one
But please stop wasting every single person's time.

You cut your cloth to this year's fashion but you're the joke no one laughs at,
Your dandelion dreams and woolgathering will all pile up to forgotten memories.
All your attempt at art is fragile, cliff notes were invented for you.
You think sir your life has some value but you don't have a clue.

A one note performer full of faint praise.
Feeding your ego for all your days.
Best suited for the ocean floor to be forgotten evermore,
please fill your shoes full of cement and swim.