Goodnight Dannii

by Drew Danburry



to Dannii, for your inspiration, guidance and friendship.
to Blake, for your vision, patience and faith in what I do.
to Lynette, for making me whole, you are my one and only forever.
to Bill Murray, for saving my mother from cancer.


released April 26, 2010

Andrew Shaw - Rhodes on track 1, Wurlitzer on track 7, Bells, Saw and Organ on track 11

Aubrey Debauchery - engineering and vocals on track 8 and 10

Blake Henderson - engineering on tracks 4, 5, 8, 10 and 11, drums and percussion on track 2, 5, 8 and 10, bass on track 11, melodica and backup vocals on track 5 and 10

Hillery Hathaway - backup vocals on track 5

Jake Haws - engineering on track 3, 5 and 6

Joe Varela - drums and bass on track 4

Jordan Clark - engineering on track 1, 5, 7, 9 and 11, pedal steel on track 5 and 9

Micah Dahl Anderson - drums and backup vocals on track 3 and 5

Mike Barnum - engineering on track 2 and 10

Rinda Alexander - trumpet on track 7 and 11

Rob Myers - bass and backup vocals on track 3

Travis Bunn - drums and percussion on track 1

Additional Vocals on track 6 by Chaunte Vaughn, Gordon Barlow, Samuel Barlow, Severin Bozung, Leland Rowley and Robyn Williams

All tracks mixed by Blake Henderson
All tracks mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by Leland Rowley



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: Nirvana, by Kurt Cobain
I'm giving up, is this my lonely grave?
At least it's not, another lonely stage;
Conditioned care, depending on demand,
or rationed by outrageous rabid fans.
She's by my side, I feel her hand in mine,
walking me through, this nightmarish life;
She's understanding, when I wince in pain,
she understands, why I hide away.
We'll run away, from those without a heart,
we'll keep on running, from those critics of art;
We'll find a place, where skeptics learn to believe,
and those once blind, will begin to see. Inside of me.
Track Name: The Train Has A Family, The Road Has No Home, There's No Right & Wrong In The Choice Alone
Morning would swell after the summertime,
and letters echoed from your mailbox to mine,
with royal decrees of life vicariously,
whether it's leaping or falling the memories,
of our tucked knees were but once a year.
Now Fearless I hear that you're a dad,
I more than admire the place you're at,
if I'm lagging behind or on the side,
please tell me before I resign my place in life.
Real heroes don't conquer great mountaintops,
but live everyday loving the ones they got,
they focus on how to lift the world around,
rather than how it tends just to bring us down
And I'll never forget what my commander said,
how we must make our misfortunes a positive,
though the ones who love you won't always agree,
when you act out of line their love won't let it be.
their love won't let it be, to see you fall,
to see you crawl, to see you shirk such potential, and deny it all.
divesting myself daily on hallowed ground,
this lustrating treadmill has no production now,
the dumb became deaf don't want discussion or change,
but would rather you shush...
Track Name: Optimus Prime is Dead
A cold walk with hot chocolate keeps me happy
like watching a film in your arms,
I love city lights reflecting on the mountains
and the sky when it's red and orange
But if there's one thing that I think that I must do
I think it's most likely better I forget I need you
She moves like lightning, electric fury through smile
With silence that speaks, eclipse pleasantry and learn to listen with your heart.
Palladins and princesses
with all-star eyes and long socked freaks
whether they're septic sea horses or scurvy mermaids
these words still hold meaning
Despite the fact that they may mean nothing to you
It doesn't mean my words are inane or untrue
ooh don't be uncouth Optimus Prime is dead, there is no use
all chances removed, don't bother calling in for troops,
it's here you should move, it's here you should, it's here you could...
Track Name: Artex Died In Truth Or Consequences, NM
You're climbing up up up
like a dragon's long reaching neck can scrape the sky
It's not enough
making things happen the way you want and you don't know why
But if the bad guys came with their many hordes do you think we could unify?
Or would we crack under pressure of so many armies that we had to fight?
We'd be going bop Bop BOP
with us back to back and our cap guns in the air
And they'd go plop Plop PLOP
with a cry of complaint because they'd know it was just no fair
Because we'd fight like we were thousands though we're unified into just one
But I get scared when you climb up onto my shoulders, watch me sink into the mud
At least scream my name, or pull at my reins.
I know you need more, but I'm just so drained.
And there's so much farther we need to go,
and there's so much more I want you to know.
So let's go bop Bop BOP
with us back to back and our cap guns in the air
And they'll go plop Plop PLOP
with a cry of complaint because they'll know it was just no fair
Because we'll fight like we are thousands though we're unified into just one
And I get scared when you climb up onto my shoulders, but I am never giving up
Track Name: ヒーロー見参 (Hero Kensan)
a smile has been calling me for a long time, sometimes it squeezes by in smirks
i tried to cover my ears pretending not to hear (like Peco)
let's learn the language of the trees, I'll hunch my heart into my knees
prepare a pegasus for every naked face inhaling hope through furrowed frowns.
you think I sold my soul to Satan, I swear I gave myself to God,
what we love will always make us happy, we all make up our own right and wrong
bereave such salient an epicure
we'll change the world with our monumental miniscule gestures
I live with all my decisions all somnolescent dissipation
exacerbate the exclamation point right out.
tug on the apron of our instincts while watchers cluck dissaproval
of all the proud but beaten down to think their suffering proves they're strong.
alack the day we left the sordid soused the rascal roused running round
the crooked crown like chimerical starlings over the servant left supine.
so act adult atop your dormer window where the whole world and no one can see
can't be an anchorite in this breathless city but we can practice sociometry
line up sophomoric slams with slander vesture pained dignity with love's liniment
derail the amorist with his silver swagger and his intrusion on rustic refinement
cover the crestfallen with golden paper planes pretend and playing that it's autumn
gently undaunted by the knowledge of being a burden to the ground
now I'm a burden to all around.
she's back in Sin City, it's time for me to come back down
It's time I made a decision, It is time, I made a choice
If I'm in debt to God and you
then I'm in debt to those who hate me enough to raise their voice
don't let me be found in angry books
frustrated that they get no second looks
keep me alive with the soft love made by calloused hands
for what do we live for if not to do good?
Track Name: Dispersing the Veil
I wrote some words I cannot speak, I wrote some words I couldn't print
Cause I can't lie to you or me, sometimes I'm still a cynic
Hey if I'm not meant for life, I know that I keep messing up,
well I'm determined still to try, I must just be in a slump.
So Father place your hands around, create the shape to fit a crown
cast out the demons from my sleep, the ones that sabotage my dreams
because I just can't stand alone, closed off from everyone
Because good people help you grow, good friends bring you love and hope.
It's gonna be all right,
though we've got heavy clouds hanging over our heads
Still it's gonna be all right,
though we've felt secluded in such sad and loneliness
But no, it's gonna be all right,
we've all been there, and we've all made it back
Because it's gonna be all right,
maybe you can't hear us cheer, but we've got arms where you can rest.
Cause we're all trying to succeed in being who we all admire,
Sometimes we hurt each other through our struggles and failures to aspire
we all wrestle with our own power, in our influence for good we doubt,
to be responsible for our own actions rather than what surrounds
Becomes a burden so hard to bear and it's so easy to place the blame
But we've all hurt just like we've ached, and hypocrites we will remain.
Track Name: Will Oldham
I will leave by the morning sun, I will leave with the dawn,
I will leave with my dress shoes on, I will leave, I will leave.
I will leave at the train's first call, I will leave from your mind and all,
I will leave and let your memory pall, I will leave, I will leave.
I will leave with the sound of the gun, I will leave on beat with metronome,
I will leaf just as the winter comes, I will leave, I will leaf.
I will leave as if a bird in flight, I will leave like dark from coming light,
I will leave a trail for you to find, but I will leave, I will leave.
Track Name: Aubrey Debauchery
city I don't know your streets well enough
where I could get from one place to the next
but I guarantee I know your trees and leaves
that I could find a good place to rest
and girl you came for an adventure but couldn't
keep your feet from dragging the ground
and your chin and your countenance lowered so much
that your face could not rise from a frown
the grass is just as green on my side of the stream,
the grass is just as green
the grass is just as green on my side of the stream,
I would be carefree if you'd let me
Track Name: Kevin Costner Is The Barry Manilow Of Actors
Well they warned me when I left, that I'm not strong as my ideals.
I can't do it alone, something I've always known
But darling, sweet darling, don't give up on me.
I'm bound to be everything you hoped and knew I was,
even the things that you think need changing
Now we can't focus on our pain, that ever stretching paved highway
so seemingly spread thin, well there's no end to it.
you can't just sit down, there's a light there up ahead,
tonight we rest tomorrow we'll start again
shirking comforts and escapes we'll look our problems in the eye,
and with our actions manifesting love,
we'll put our selfishness aside.
now if you love it set it free, but don't you dare go clip it's wings
and when it asks you to fly high, you at least just gotta try
maybe it longs for you there, though it acts without a care
so when it beckons you to come, it's asking gently for your love
y para siempre si tu, te amara, y no se lo olvide.
Track Name: Gorilla Biscuits
It's nighttime darling time to tuck you in, at least wrap you up in my arms,
I've got a cozy closet for us both to climb in, a haven, a hansom, a heart.
I've made mistakes and I know that I will again, but I always get back up
I've tried my hardest and of course I will again, I promise I won't ever give up
Your dipping hands, upbraided by your demands,
and all my advice, abraded by my own life,
Digging through the dirt, unsure of what I'll unearth
But I'll be groveling below your knees to beg devotion for who I'm not.