This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak For The Club

by Drew Danburry

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released November 4, 2008

Micah Dahl Anderson - drums - track 2, 4, 6 and 11
Elliot Maldonado - banjo - track 2, 3
Severin Bozung - piano - track 3, 5
Melissa Price - violin - track 3
Gordon Barlow - backup vocals - track 2, 4
Blake Henderson - backup vocals - track 4
JP Haynie - backup vocals - track 8
Scott Fletcher - egg shaker - track 9
Silvano Mercado - cavaquinho - track 9
Leland Rowley - kazoo and jaw harp - track 10
Rob Myers - trumpet - track 11
Kelly Greenwood - trombone - track 11
Dave Newlin - Bass - track 3, 4 and 11
Megan Wingerter - violin - track 5

Track 2 Whistling by Whitney Borup, Matt Saxton, Seth Graves, Kayte Brown, and Gordon Barlow

Track 3, 4, 6 and 11 Chorus - Kayte Brown, Becky Bradford, Jonathan Norberg, Blake Henderson, Gordon Barlow and Aubrey Trinnamon

Track 4 Claps by Whitney Borup, Matt Saxton, Seth Graves, Kayte Brown, and Gordon Barlow

Track 5 Claps by Robbie Welch, Tyler Powell, Steve Richardson, Dewey, Matt Saxton, Seth and Nate Graves, Jordan Englund, Rocky Cordray, Ikumi Watanabe, Joshua Rosenberg, Rob Myers, Micah Dahl Anderson, Leo Patrone, Kati Freeze, JP Haynie, and Karl Jorgensen

Tracks 1, 6-8, 10 and 11 recorded by Mike Barnum in Fargo, ND with additional engineering by Jake Haws in Provo, UT at Muse Recording Studio.

Tracks 2 and 4 recorded by Jake Haws at Muse Recording Studio in Provo, UT

Track 3, 5 and 12 recorded and engineered by Clarke Jackman in Provo, UT at The Record Lab

Track 9 recorded by Silvano Mercado between Metro Colonel Fabian and Quai de Jemmape on the rue Boy Zelenski in Paris, France

All tracks mixed by Michael Greene
All tracks mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by Chris Coy



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: One Time In High School When Weezer's Pinkerton Album Had Recently Been Released, I Started Singing “Across The Sea” Quietly To Myself And You Must Have Heard Me Singing Because You Sang Along With Me Right There In English Class. And I Wanted You To Know That My Heart Hasn't Felt The Same Since.
Oh Alaska, where have you gone?
Oh my dear Alaska, is the current strong?
I'm coming from California, I hope it won't take long.
Just about an hour from now, and I'll be going
Oh my sweet Alaska, will you set me free?
I'm looking for a chariot to ride, because I hate this beach
Do you think the waves will part for me? or will I just sink...
Track Name: I'm Pretty Sure This Is Someone Else's Song, But I Couldn't Figure Out Whose So I'm Keeping It!
The Humility Crew has long disbanded,
we've all embarked for a new shore and landed,
we send smoke signals but won't dip an oar,
we can't rewind our time or even ask for more
and I've been feeling so hopeless lately,
like there's no hope for me and not just maybe,
I want to swim so far out to the sea
I'll find a place where waves can rescue me
but the risks we react with are so lovely in their repose
and on that grief stricken day we'll know we could've done more.
so smile deep, shine strong don't let the fog fill and foul your way
‘cause there's a bright shiny sunny day beyond the storm.
Track Name: I Didn't Mean To Write This On Memorial Day, It Just Came Out This Way. (Happy Birthday Anyways Mom)
I'll stand the gaff tonight
but these perfidious motions constrict breath in breast
ephemerous songs of patriotism it's not
the 80's anymore that masquerade was run with broomstick
All this convenience is someone else's sacrifice
call them infidels and hussies
well learned are stereotypes
While we play gadabouts and royalty, oh how we love the living dead
let the conversation lead to bed, with the wine upside your head
exclaiming rape and screaming murder
but the truth will leak from pen
exclaiming rape and screaming murder
bristling sharp and bristling red
metal coffins taking flight lost in an ocher line of sight,
oh how majestic it's to love a memory
blood crying from the dust a country lost in lust
oh mother how I love you so
hope your birthday is so wonderful
despite the fact that I cannot be there
the military pension will take my place.
Track Name: Residents In Orange County Live In A Bland Republican Paradise And Don't Know What It Really Means To Jam Econo...
Now friends just know I hold you dear but it's just all so ghastly to see you cry
Your makeups running smeared, your face is turning paisley and why?
...about a fight
Just talk about the things you love the most,
you've only been put there ‘cause of pressure
It isn't till disaster when we really get a chance to measure ourselves
So stretch the measured tape across our pains,
turn failure into lesson and loss to gain.
Let's grow up to ourselves forsaking crutch and cane,
eschew the dilletante and tailormade.
Let's have some drum rolls for drunkenness
we're on the lookout for a loose tongued lark
tripping over dutch doors is the only way to come home after dark.
Don't have to understand things for them to be
they say to be unique but they don't mean it
yesterday's luxuries became today's necessities
they'll have you believe your wants are your needs..
Track Name: People Like Me Should Be Executed Like In The Iron Maiden Or Something Medieval
It was your birthday and I sang for you, but you cried like never before.
Because I made love to your best friend when you swore you loved me more.
But this one night's stance, well it wasn't plant.
It was more animal than harvested when we sunk beneath the floor.
So give me your hand, not this cold cement.
It's so unflinching, unforgiving like your face of stone when you said and meant.
Everything you said, you meant, and you meant everything you said.
And as I realize the consequence
I'm feeling better off like John who's hat flew off
with a cold gust of winded runners pant and breathe
at the pacemakers keep the beatnicks
use badaylight savings came and took the sunshine
now i can't have any white lined
paper comes in handy when you need to scratch things out.
It's less a stress than living life ‘cause you can just use white out.
It's less a stress than living life.
Three hundred and twenty one college ruled lines and shapes
With every placement perfect in a specific individual way
Basic themes and doctrines line up just like pawns in chess
Taking turns and waiting patiently so we can make them all a mess
Everywhere I go I get by gracefully,
it's never easy but by the grace of God the ends always meet.
It's like I'm finally understanding life for the first time
If I put in my best things won't be perfect but after awhile I'll feel fine.
Track Name: Take Me Home is originally by Seve vs. Evan
Its up to me, the ordinary archer. Its up to me and detective Watson
To find out all of those clues, to knock you out of your shoes
Its fine with me if you're the one whos talking,
Its fine with me if everyone is watching
Put us up on that movie screen, we kiss too good to never be seen
And I just dont care if I fall in love.
You can break my heart or even wrap it up
And you can call me crazy and I just might be.
How long are you planning to remain a mystery
Just let me know, cause. I adore you so
but you don't want to, Take it home. Dont want to, Take you home.
Taking it slow, so tired of waiting. Im scared you know been anticipating
Feel your breath just inches away. Can hardly breathe can hardly say
As you can tell I'm still a little nervous.
My palms are sweaty, lips are getting their purpose
Aim for under the nose, make sure my eyes are closed.
And I just dont care if I fall in love.
You can take my heart Ill even wrap it up
And you can call me crazy and I just might be.
How long are you planning to remain a mystery
Just let me know, cause. I adore you so
But you don't want to, Take me home. Dont want to, Take me home.
Trying to stick around for the girl of my dreams,
but my time is running out because shes not what she seems
I have no idea what that is. I thought you'd tell me if we kiss
Its like the roles are reversed shes apathetic, Im sensitive.
It seems like Im cursed a million thoughts that are negative
Track Name: Tonight i was trying to read pt. 1 and 2
Friend I'll ride with you through any storm
I know you can't always be happy, but I think you can do more.
So try not to hang yourself up as just a prize
Don't sell yourself so short as eyes or wear a fake disguise
Alisa, I'll be your dear brother for all time
and though our names may never rhyme, we'll all be doing fine

I have so much I want to tell you, about this trip home.
I think I'm confused, or at least I don't know
but for now let me tell you
that there was music
and sighs
and tears
and books
and night drives
and whispers
and hugs
and eyes
and terms of endearment
and shaking
and shaking
and shaking...
Track Name: Life Never Promised Any Security, That's Why They Sell Insurance
I bear the weight of such ill tides, I am the bearer of blackened news,
to lose a loved one is to be, forever bruised.
A dream becomes a nightmare, a pressing stage and spectral set,
with screaming lights and hackneyed tabbies who have forgotten what love begets.
Gordon there are no words for now but I'm so sorry
you always have more love to give
and if not, I'll call it quits
Tie down the six gun saddle, prepare to paint all the mountaintops,
we'll lace the scarlet skips with orchids, the latch key child we'll learn to watch.
and over time we'll wrestle sadness, we'll stretch our lives out arabesque,
we'll play a dirge to childish games (laughing loud) as we all settle in the grass.
I'm full of bad bad feeling, there's anger in the air.
we hold to the swimming of words, as if pilings on a pier.
but when warm eyes flash morse code that only one can see and read,
that's the one for me.
I don't think I'm strong enough, to hold everyone up with just my ego
where did he go? why did you have to go? why did he have to go?
It's just the flickering of lights, it's just the cold of winter nights,
it's just the painful play of morning light.
Track Name: God Communicates To Us Through Billboards, If You Don't Believe Me Just Go To The South, He's Left Us Notes Almost EVERYWHERE Down There
I imagine just one line, you take to another place
we practice our words in time, so we can comfort ourselves with this space
we place between ourselves and the seeds we grow
why does the garden sow, so many angry boys
did we forget to breathe? when we dove down to grab the dime
we fill all our dreams with sleep, so we could rest and never fight
any obnoxious weeds making life bearable
if it weren't difficult, then nothing would satisfy.
Track Name: I Was The Best Accident My Parents Ever Had
I have a brother who's a haven, exemplary doors decorated with his inviting heart
So when I say I love the crowded Utah Valley, I miss and love you friends, but my brother, he's the biggest part.
He always reminds me how we're lucky, to how we've lived our lives though differently thus far
and it's all due to your kindness that I've lived the way I have
thanks to you listening now
and more so to my lovely friends
but a special thanks goes to those
who don't forget I love them though I won't remind them but even so our love will last till the next time that I hit town
they've fed me, and bed me. molded me from all our memories, loved me and TaughtMe...
though life won't let me love proper it will always make me leave
and you might not hear from me regular, but I am within reach
So spread your arms the length of the Rockies, let your love extend throughout each and every year
an open mind speaks untold understanding, accepting smiles kindly quiet
the inexorable strangers fears, the badineurs grounded by mirrors
the garlands worn and passed around, the milksop finds strength falling down
the minstrel hangs his boots to rest, belief in meliorism will spread and grow and never ever ever ever end...
when I see Orion I see my Father, it seems like every night I'm staring at the stars
looking for hope, maybe help, maybe strength through his example, I pray I learn to love the way he showed me how.
now I have a brother who's a haven, exemplary doors decorated with his inviting heart, so when i say i love the crowded Utah Valley, I miss and love you my friends, but my brother's the biggest part.
Track Name: L'école Où Le Progrès Comme Forme De Commodité Est Considéré Comme La Plus Grande Avancée
Josh was serenely calm and shy within his heart,
his face stayed straight and never could break free
and favored, loved, revered by peers he played his part,
staying safe with what he knows so as not to be seen.
he never travelled farther than one full day's drive,
and he'd done nothing where he ever worried for his life,
he never really lived because he never really died,
or risked anything of value in his life.
Now Sarah had the best taste in the world,
everyone and anyone would agree,
she knew just what to wear and always what to say,
she always seemed to know just how to be.
but you won't always be appreciated just by being right,
everyone has problems though we all pretend to be all right,
we all fall short and feel inadequate but we still try,
our flaws and quirks are of great value in this life.
Well William never asked for anything, no sir
he was never given any chance,
it was always ready and prepared to bring, yes sir
like his life it was all prepared and all pre-planned.
born into power, born with a path,
to do nothing of your own accord sounds pretty sad
how could you value your own art knowing it was someone else's hand,
to create and choose is of great value in this life
creation's of great value in this life.
Jenny knew quite well just how to run,
but she'd never gone anywhere just to sit,
and she'd compete be first after the gun fired off, POW!
but never learned to appreciate any of it.
we can put forth so much effort that we always get first place,
but if we spend so much time spent on winning the race,
we never understand how it feels to help someone who's come unlaced,
or never gotten anything of value in their life.
Now Michael never did no one no wrong sir,
one of the few to do as he was told,
made no mistakes and never dared to look the other way
while there was any wrong going on.
kept his religion and he loved his wife
but never asked any questions about war and genocide,
he never cared to find out any of the reasons why,
people don't place value on one's life.
sometimes people don't place too much value on this life.
Now Samuel's just a cipher from the coast,
doesn't fit his expected role,
but he smiles and does the best he can to lift those,
all of the people that he knows.
and he's singing songs & giving hugs to everyone he meets,
hoping that they'll find themselves and who they want to be,
he doesn't know all that he wants but he found how he wants to be,
and it isn't always fun and it's never that easy.
but it's how we live that shows how we value our own life.
Track Name: Postponing Alaska Pt. 2
Where scatheless security and faith resided deep,
before simple became byzantine, there was a haven where i could rest my head
a steady stealthy pilferage, displace myself throughout the years,
become a flawless dramaturg, so that you feel not see the brine on cheeks.
the work goes on for years not weeks, each act a dose barbiturate
But expect not a behest on my behalf. ‘cause I've been in deeper problems here.
Emotionally unstable they just shake the breeze,
take an idyllic jag as rakish restive youths crowd around your knees
It's what's been bothering me of late, believe what you will I extend that grace
it seems Alaska is my fate (but it's not my true place)
It's what's been bothering me of late, believe what you will I extend that grace
because a pedastal and stage is not my true place
I'm not going anywhere, anytime real soon,
‘cause I've got things to do before it's through
I've met up face to face with fate, can we postpone that morbid date
although I hate to make you wait, although I hate to make you wait.
It's what's been bothering me of late, believe what you will I extend that grace
it seems Alaska is my fate (but it's not my true place)