Goodnight Gary

by Drew Danburry



released February 9, 2010

Recorded and Engineered in a variety of locations and a variety of people ranging from Fargo, ND to provo, UT to San Francisco and Huntington Beach, CA. I apologize immensely that I can't find any notes to help combat my forgetful mind.

Special thanks to Mike Barnum, Jake Haws, Jordan Clark and Blake Henderson.

Mastering by Carl Saff.
Album Art by Nicholas Moore.



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: The Religion of Me
Well you stopped floundering in the summer of 2006,
you stamped the wet cement of time and stopped to watch it sit,
But there's a mindless repetition, filling you with rage,
And there's a seedy character, he's always crashing stage.
Asphyxiated bombs or clocks, stuffed full of hollow time,
and you can sway with tides or currents but you'll only find,
There's a pariah pressing in, a pugilist by trade,
he'll square away for atavistic archetypes and saints.
And while we walk with imitation Cleopatra fakes,
our heavy insecurity will burden and will break,
cause there's a cheering cavalcade, a chorus that will swell,
and it will shatter scintillating things they try to sell.
Track Name: Edited
I had another dream again,
where I was punching my best friend,
the blood was seeping through my skin,
the sound of cracking bones, made me sick
I had another dream again,
where I was with your girlfriend
the sweat was crawling cross my skin
But I wasn't stopping.
and I writhed,
and I did fight,
and I did cry,
but I won't deny.
I won't deny I did it.
I had another dream again
where I did something I'd regret
So when I woke I didn't speak of it.
Track Name: For My Friends
Well I left Butch to spend time up by Sundance,
Leland it's strange to think how we've changed through the years
How our old friends have left us in their memory,
but never reminding us that we are still here.
Miss Borup oh Miss Borup please fit me into your next movie script
and let me play the part, I think that I could make it a big hit.
I know full well how much more difficult settling down as a star would be
But oh how I could use extra money
St Elmo's fire has leaped upon the garrets,
McKay, the problem is I live my own advice.
But I've been looking smart and talking smarter,
now I'm more well aware of how I've paid the price
If I were Seve I'd sing about scars, sailors, cowboys and wolves
but I can't outdraw such a handsome gent with just this pen and prose
the longer she's close by my side the greater that this grating distance grows
and we keep acting as if we both didn't know
Now we've perfected sophistry by making it seem so sincere,
with ritualized agitated airborne blows
and there's no question anyone is questioning your faith and creed,
but it's why you're the type who's belladonna grows
so close to everyone who's faith is blind or anyone who takes no thought
to how they became who they are or how they got the things they got
perspective shared reactions reaching where we never know nor will ever see
so use that mirror for a scale not vanity
Track Name: Gas Masks At The Barbeque Beach Party Make Out Session
whoa whoa don't you dare let go
just fill my heart with hate
oh oh you don't even know
that you can't make this pain abate
and i'm forever grateful that you kissed me
but i'm not ready to be loved and you don't really love me
and i'm so sorry to ruin your party but can i go
and why is it so hard to believe i get nervous at shows
whoa whoa don't you dare let go
just fill my heart with hate
oh oh you don't even know
that you can't make this pain abate
and grownups will be grownups but they still act like kids
age doesn't equal maturity when you can't
recognize what you did was wrong
and i'm so sorry to ruin your party but can i go
i'm gonna head straight for alaska and i'm not coming home
i never meant to ruin your party but can i go
i'm gonna head straight for alaska and i'm not coming home
Track Name: Dinwiddie Is A Great Name For A City, But “Dinwiddie Is A Great Name For A City” Is An Even Better Name For A Song!
It isn't mysticism, to share your light with those you love
but it's pointless pragmatism, to deny the feeling of
you can't use those boxes, just look at all those curves
with all your mathematics, equations won't explain the stir
Just because you can't feel it, doesn't mean that it's false
Just because they're all idiots, doesn't mean its wrong
can't blame the leader if the followers get it wrong.
Track Name: The Joy Of Yesterday Seems So Far Away
This pen doesn't belong on this paper, my body belongs in bed,
Could you just hold me? Stop touching, stop moving.
(me esta ahogando) your brazen arms
affection so selfish, so indulged
and I'll sing songs about strangers,
the ones I call my friends.
Abandoned by their failures the years won't make amends
or perhaps their changing lives won't fit a piece of me within
I feel it there inside my chest and beside my ear
and though you find I can't be the rock you can lay by
but I've a friend who makes this easier but things they won't end
they'll stay with me and they'll be back soon, they'll be back soon once again
Could you just hold me?
Track Name: These Windy Days Make For Winded Nights
the wind, pushed into my mouth, filled my chest, left me dumb
pink beauty box contained a brush and coma, I'll love you always I'll love you none
shut up my nervous laughter with your well trained lips
confine me in your calm but don't try to protect
(me) when you'll be gone in two months or less
you know i could care less
the phone makes you feel farther
the silent shaking turned into spasms
the uncontrolled sound of your precious mouth
left me erupting my heart into shattered
pangs that kept returning when you were not found
again, oh long lost friend
the same things I wanted ten years ago
but I'm still unsure as to how I get them though
i know how to avoid the things that I don't want
another spectrum is waiting to expand,
there's no supply for your demand
we're all replaceable but there's still potential.
Why can't you just wait there's no light tonight except what shines in your eyes
Why can't you just say, everything on your mind so we can cut out these lies
Jumping from the car to see your face again
Wish I could feel the same way for you.
Track Name: You're Blocking The Doorway And Your Intimidating Shadow Is Disallowing Me From Joining With The Light
I love you dear friend
I can't help but keep you in the front of my mind
for when it will end
she's been getting drunk and doing things that if it were me
well I might regret
and I think I deserve more
but we both deserve better
and I think I deserve more
but we both deserve better
and I love you girlfriend
but this isn't working
Track Name: Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen
Now Anna Thompson had a day job,
decided maybe she was better off
spending her time searching for a man
who would never cause her pain
And my friend Daniel felt wickedly without hope,
would rather wrap himself up at the end of a rope,
He didn't think he'd find a girl that wouldn't ever pester him to death
But it's just a choice there is no luck
And what we love we will become
Sometimes a little sacrifice for us
Will only make us better in our ability to love
Now Anna and Daniel, well they met once,
spent a few days up in that ignorant oblivion
that world of bliss where all's forgotten
when we spend time with someone brand new,
But Anna she got scared and avoided him for days
and Dan well he gave up before she even came his way
to tell him he should take it slower but he wasn't around to wait
But it isn't sad to move along,
love stories aren't always a simple song
Friends and lovers come and go not just in pain
But they arrive and often leave for learnings sake.
And I just saw the last six years flash before my eyes,
Procuring evidence for all the reasons why
I've been negating the reality that makes me who I am
But maybe I want to believe what I'm singing
And there's some things that I must change
And although I know I deserve good things to come my way
Well maybe it isn't so bad to have to wait.
What else can I believe?
Some of us are just hoping in things we cannot see
Sometimes we must convince ourselves of obvious lies
if but to make us happy as we struggle through this life
and we get what we think we deserve and I'm not settling for second prize.
Track Name: Gary's Valentine's Day Song (King Ludwig's castle called Neuschwanstein)
Let the whispering pines just sway
Let the queen with her pure and white breasts just float all day
If the leaves that come this March will not stay
Then goodbye to all my friends I'm leaving today
Sleep in my arms throughout the year
Even though I cannot stay remotely near
Despondence despairs every attempt I fear
Since it's you I need but these shoes cannot steer
It's you I need but these shoes cannot steer