Besides, Are we playing around out here, or do we mean what we say?

by Drew Danburry



Despite the distance
Your arm still hangs around
Reminding me of family
and where love can be found.

Though different beds and different lives
We spread our blanket here and there
To cover across mountaintops
Reaching when and where.

When you need comfort
Where there's no love
When you feel lonely
far and above

What you can bear
what you can take
When you've reached limits
and must make

Decisions of how to proceed
When you're caught in time of need
When you must learn and grow alone
Please realize where there is home

Not in a place or time we be
But in our hearts and family tree
Search not for hands nor for embrace
But remember where to find my face


released February 14, 2005

Leo Patrone - bass - track 2-4, 6-7, 10-11
Leo Patrone - keys - track 3
Leo Patrone - extra guitar - track 4, 6 and 10
Micah Dahl Anderson - drums - track 2-4, 10-11
Ryan Stanfield - slide guitar - track 1, 7
Severin Bozung - keys and piano - track 3
Kati Freeze - extra piano - track 4
Paul Carruth - drums - track 6-7
Dallon Weekes - extra vocals - track 6
Melissa Price - violin - track 7, 11
JP Haynie - harmonica - track 7
Dan Bolin - tuba - track 9
Dane Cannon - accordian - track 12

Robbie Welch, Tyler Powell, Steve Richardson, Dewey, Matt Saxton, Seth and Nate Graves, Jordan Englund, Rocky Cordray, Ikumi Watanabe, Joshua Rosenberg, Rob Myers, Micah Dahl Anderson, Leo Patrone, Kati Freeze, JP Haynie, and Karl Jorgensen - vocals and/or handclaps - tracks 6, 7 and 9

Engineered by Clarke Jackman
Mixed by Michael Greene
Mastered by Jeremy Smith
Album Art by Chris Coy



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: Le Premiere Chagrin
Good morning wintertime so good to see you,
but I can't wait for spring.
It's always been a time where, I can dream.
As I procrastinate through summer and worry through fall,
the leaves are darkening the days continue shortening their call,
is what I long for when I cry for a home that is no more,
It's been a few years since I left that shore.
Pick up and plant your roots in this new soil,
It may take a few embittered years but it will be worth the toil,
the images of family are fast fading away,
and as you look at yourself in the mirror,
wonder how you became:
This spitting image of your Father unique within yourself
Your decisions shape your branches as you struggle to leave...
Track Name: It starts with indigo orange and green
i wish i could write these feelings in some sort of poetic words,
but all i can think to say is that it hurts;
resembling pain just like a flame resembles astringent gas,
i guess i'll accept what may be coming next but i'm hoping this task may soon pass.
that which doesn't kill me makes me strong so fire away,
i will not return the pain again someday;
you never know someone's beautiful
till they've whispered their breath in your ear,
you never know its all magical
till you look in their eyes and see fear,
but magic fades when its a charade
a game you'll lose if you're serious
‘cause most people aren't willing to play
don't risk your heart and you'll never love,
but i'd feel better to have never have played
than to have lost so much;
i guess to make ourselves feel better,
we twist the truth in knots cuz we're so
why can't you just love me
(he's great and I'm just okay)
I know that I can't compete
(but i swear i wouldn't treat you that way)
(build me up till i believe)
without you there's nothing left
(make me blind to feel or see)
when you leave i lose my...
even the times my eyelids close shut,
i'm still tired when they open again;
like the loneliness i feel in big crowds,
even when i came with friends.
long bus rides depress me,
like talking with friends far away;
or knowing you can't see the person you live for,
for the next few days.
Track Name: It ends with red violet and orange
i'm so sick of this scene in this act in this play
i'm just the scenery but i always seem to stand in the way,
mark up the sidewalk with colored chalk
so you can hop everywhere instead of always having to take a walk.
take the shortcut but it leaves a rut,
both parties are found partying but she's the one called a slut
we're all found guilty but refuse to take the blame
and we're too weak to be unique and too scared to face cleansing rain.
i'll face it, i'll face it, so here i go alone
but i'll make it yeah i'll make it without you i am not...
now i know what it means to be alone and read
with that idealistic brush that the writer he hands to me
I'm painting everything i feel observe and see
like if its watercolor then call me the Joseph Turner
of word imagery.
so lets dance around the festering splinters left behind
being issues of why we choose to engage
in conversations avoiding confrontations filled with all the reasons
of why we decide to hate
someone's differences that make them who they are
as we justify tearing their world down with their
state of mind and state of being but we're not seeing that every pair of
eyes comes in a different shape
our chance for happiness will come in a different form
shape and way
one day i hope to wake and find that i been dreaming
this whole time
or maybe this is just a play in which we act
or maybe we forgot just where we're from or we forgot
just where we're at
but if i wake will i remember you
‘cause i'd tell all my friends of this girl i knew
a dream come true
doo doo doo chorus...
(Kissing without intentions of true love, is by far the worst deceit.
You think you're the one receiving, but it's your soul you cheat.
You lie to yourself, and those you truly love,
and when you meet that special one you'll find that you have none,
no love to give ‘cause you'll have used it up,
and in the meantime you've become the victim of, your own lust)
Track Name: Red Rock Virgin's Encounter With Winter Nights
its beautiful here Father sorry if i get
sometimes i make things with this independence
i think i found her Father the one that was gonna come
but i dont believe.... obviously
drunk with sleep i flaunt the flounder
tumbling with my tongue in hand
they asked for good songs to remember
escapism's in demand
the war of outright honesty
unbroken promises, don't shake
she's the one that made me quiver
but then helped show me the way
morbid attempts construct towers to heaven
the glass is spent no solvent seems to solve the bawl
if we're both willing how can we cause pain
you wonder why
it becomes chilling how we repeat the same
crimes each night
so we just...
so we just...
how can i stop it father we're all drowned in stains
we grow accustomed to it uniquely all the same
i feel so helpless father in glass we're all found framed
and set in stone and poised to dive so take the plunge
into the grey
Track Name: Know Your History Before You Become Part Of The Repetition
No I will not settle for, pointing the blame on the lukewarm, weak heart no more.
weak heart no more.
If I tried to describe, how deep I see into your eyes, would you get scared and run from me?
Seeing too deep to hide dishonesty.
But if I tried to unbreak you, from all the things that you could do, would you deny potential, point fingers right and left to hot and cold.
But despite change we decide if for worse, no escaping home or where we were first.
Our trials and errors give us shame, and we both live but not the same, you live you give you lose you grow, but you don't grow responsible.
Would you get scared to touch my heart, see it unraveled, left unapart. Does it frighten you, to see such power, and lose it in less than an hour.
No I will not settle for, pointing the blame on the lukewarm, you should know your history, before you try the future out with me I've got a weak heart no more.
Track Name: It's Illegal To Frown In Pocatello
The river sang the song, ‘bout you across the stream, wearing a ton of pink, but mostly on your cheek.
Repeat what's been repeated transformed to frames of time, I know it gets confusing when you play it back but cannot hit rewind.
Don't settle out of fear, because of boisterous blind, just ‘cause I think people are hypocrites, doesn't mean I can't be kind.
Use selfishness as safety, surround yourself with mirrors, pointed outward to reflect our faults, so you can hide your fears.
But if I'm caught condemning, condemn only myself, we paint ourselves as martyrs with the very same fingers we pointed others straight to hell.
(Hey make the circle bigger, ‘cause we cannot all fit
I suppose you think I think I'm pretty clever, clone the alphabet.
This time it's just for Sam, don't know me now just know what's past)
Track Name: Tree on Wheels
Since when did things become so grey
i used to wish for rainy days
but now i seem to dream in color not black and white
and for a midnight drive so clear
with you beside me in my ear
never had a comfort call be
so unbearable
but the way all the trees swayed
was way too clever to be a mistake
and with a candid clarity
saw you unravel before me
and every stitch that made us we
now the swineherd seems much cleaner
the preacher seems less cruel
the politician just seems more crooked
we bend our knees but stand on stools
but the way all the trees swayed
was way too clever to be a mistake
and with a candid clarity
saw you unravel before me
can't let that happen don't you see
you see its more than just a crush
dont understand the passionless
all those who float with all the rest
its wintertime our friends will test
but the way all the trees swayed
was way too clever to be a mistake
and with a candid clarity
saw you unravel before me
Track Name: This Is My Mom And Dad's Favorite Song
There's no comfort in comparison tonight
such degradation is not mine to deride
shoot it down shoot it down with makeshift wood
take it apart tear it up it does much too good
we work hard to be, but feign horribly
chase what we can't have, deny available
reasons to smile
but selfishness moderates such euphoria
with egocentric and bellicose interruptions
so twist the wrist with a smile to confine prevaricating intent
deliver convincing assurances with the deception that lies from within
in and out one ear, like some ancient grievance
the answer is before, the awaited retort
the problem cannot be shared
though it seems so unfair
Track Name: When Darkness Abounds
Storm a coming bellowed the captain wildly
Bound to a place I cannot stay or be
Starboard bow is going under quickly
I knew I was dead the day they set me free
To make a choice they won't allow, first they just push then make you bow
If you resist they won't decease, until you're buried underneath
the place they walk and so its said, why be walked on while overhead,
they live their lives so undisturbed, why fight against, display such nerve.
for in the austerity of youth we give and take
knowing full well of the energy we can make
but as the shudders of the windowpane reflect our tears
as a reaction to the rain that cleanses fears
there's a sunset after every thunderstorm
and it's appreciated though found tired, cold and worn
why bother waiting for all the stars to shoot and fall
when its the wilderness within the world, i call.
Track Name: Coming Around Like The Karate Kid
I was just calling now to see how you were doing
you know i haven't called to talk for a few weeks
I took a walk last night because my mind was brewing
over the mess we made when we both couldn't see
there's no need to hear advice, optimistic illusions just like the screen
we place in front of our eyes, just like your idealism clouds reality
avert your wary eyes its 1984 without coercion
subtle subversion to the puritanical
we're unified unable to redefine our world
we make what's bearable seem quite far from bearable
mariner overboard we can't bear to steer ashore
the portly porter's parlantry did poorly at the fair
ignored when he called to me I'm wary of his worthless wares
and besides, how could i hear him when i wasn't there
I cannot help but feel, this situation
puts me in a place, I cannot win
With either choice I make, I'm sacrificing nations
No matter what you'll be convinced you're the victim
Track Name: Rainbow Days Come After Rain And Both Make Life A Little Less Plain
With a subtle southwesterly wind she caresses the strings with the bow
the bow she'd used for years
As the dust lingered more on the floor than the case where forgotten she had left
so many of her fears, she left so many fears
Raised to be frugal and chaste with an eye that searched for everything
everything wholesome and plain
Knowing each new day brought many delights with subtle nuances unappreciatively the same
unappreciated, more like obliterated
there was a fog so thick you couldn't cut through it carrying a cold so damp
it just crept into your bones diffusing light like independence day sparklers
vivacious hues and tones
and you'd hear voices before you'd see a face proclaiming fear that the rain
would drown the place
the same rain that you could touch and taste as if snow
bringing the shakes that wouldn't dream of letting go
But the call of the morning sun gently reminded her window sill of much better days
Before she'd fallen into the uneasy malady she described as a delitescent malaise
The days when the cry of the prairie left her speechless enamored and whole
she felt so full
the taut strings untightened present fears unfrightened summer days untainted
by the cold
but now each day she wakes and each new day softly breaks
and she rises with a gentle sigh
like the fluttering of wings she caresses the strings with the comfort
she's hoping to find
I hope she finds it...
Track Name: Postponing Alaska
There's no relief, for all these actions there's no meaning
So take and leave, you got a ticket and a piece of me
These trains are my thoughts traveling without stop
like our friendship's sailing away
I know it's hard when I lose hope but no escape won't end
No calm will remain constant
I'd like your sex but not as much as your breath on my neck, when we sleep
I'd like your smile but not as much as your arms round me when it's been too long
Hey yeah I'll believe in nothing when you cannot will not mean everything
Resignations all about timing condemn myself forever but I'll escape nonetheless
Why can't we stop we can't go back?
Am I worth walking aftermath?
You can't forget forever, I mean, I made reservations
I entertain, but sometimes I can't control when I smile
One day my actions will bring to light what cannot be comprehended.