An Introduction to Sex Rock

by Drew Danburry



I recorded this album over the summer of 2003 in the basement of the home I lived in using a digital 8 track recording device.

Originally unintended for release, I wanted to document some of the songs I didn't think the current band I was in would like. Then things just kind of happened...


released January 1, 2004

Engineered by Clarke Jackman
Mastered by Jeremy Smith
Co-production on track 1 by Leo Patrone
Bass Guitar on tracks 2, 5 and 9 by Leo Patrone
Percussion on track 2 by Leo Patrone
Backup vocals on track 3 by Micah Dahl Anderson
Cello on tracks 3 and 7 by Philip J. Erickson
Percussion on tracks 3 and 12 by Paul Carruth
Additional vocals on track 6 by Robert Scott and Tristan Loughlin
Percussion on tracks 5 and 9 by Micah Dahl Anderson
Co-production on tracks 6 and 12 by Robert Scott
Lead guitar on track 7 by Mark Smith

Album Photo by Drew Danburry



all rights reserved


Drew Danburry Provo, Utah

Drew Danburry is a musician who played over 750 live shows around the world and released records independently from 2004- 2010. He received attention from blogs and websites such as NPR, Stereogum, Daytrotter, Magnet Magazine, Said the Gramophone, and the 405.

In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah and currently works full time as a barber. He still records and releases music.
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Track Name: Closeminded Is As Closeminded Does You Femi-Nazi Hypocrite
My soft answers didn't calm you down
and it's time I turned things around
Open rebuke is better than secret love
and your deceitful kisses showed me what is what
Flip me around ‘cause I'm taking a stroll
your meretricious expressions have taken their toll
I gave you my all you spat in my face
because you thought I'd forever reside in this place
For those who are destitute what may be bitter seems sweet
you fed me feces since the day we did meet
but now it's time that I left this place
thanks for teaching me, twenty seven, six through eight

There's few cruel people within in this world
what worries is me is what they control
responsibility taken by the irresponsible
and those who won't take it are the ones we should follow
call it self righteousness to cover your pride
you talk about living elsewhere
close-mindedness here may be different
but it doesn't mean it's not everywhere
For those who are destitute what may be bitter seems sweet
you fed me feces since the day we did meet
but now it's time that I left this place
thanks for teaching me, twenty seven, six through eight

Brown eyed girl was never your song
it belongs to mandabear
i've been worrying about her safety
since they had a tornado there
the saddest thing that i find in life
is that you might be singing along
but completely missed the ideas i expressed
couldn't understand the point of this song
Track Name: If You Were A Soc, I'd Be A Greaser
I just try to cover you from pouring rain
but you walk faster so you can get away
don't accept what I have to offer so you can crawl inside
your bitter hole of loneliness where you can feel your right
feed that hunger until you're full, you won't be satisfied
‘cause no one ever is when they try to satisfy their pride
push me away tell me to leave I don't know what to do
so I'll just watch you walk away and then I'll walk away from you
maybe if this didn't happen I'd sing songs about your charm
or i could write a love poem if you didn't sound the alarm
defensive battle cries echo inside my embittered mind
but you won't hear ‘em ‘cause you're too mad to try and be kind
i got problems I'm aware of i never asked for your help
you feel the need to bring them up so you can convince yourself
that it's pointless to try and force myself to fit inside your world
when I'm a square it just hurts to try and fit inside your circle
but i will stay gold
Track Name: I Thought All The Girl Problems Would Stop When I Turned Gay aka At a Stop in St. Regis
the piano's been struck its wounds go much deeper like a pierced heart with
bleeding that might never stop, these words that you speak constantly
against me they open the tear ducts and eventually releasing the waves of
desesperacion mi pena es mas grande like todo el dolor que contiene el mundo
pondre un disfraz para que me entiendan when i decide to turn back
when you went away i took the steps that took you further from me but can you really say its all my fault when you never believed id break your heart i always break your heart (3x)

youre like the trees in montana dark green against snow so beautiful to look
at so cold when up close see my warmth escape from me see you suck in my
breath with four layers of clothing hearts frozen in my chest at a stop in
st regis on a bench in the cold i search for your memory i left in idaho at
a stop in st regis on a bench in the cold i search for your memory i left
Track Name: I'll Only Believe In True Love If Micah Marries Camille
who's the girl with the bright eyes who's the boy she's sitting by are they just friends
why is she so nice to me why does she light up the room when she smiles till i can't see clearly it must be
love if you mean so much when i barely even know you but i hope that our hands might touch
fight it deny it
i'll fight it deny it i won't let myself fall in love
you see there's no point in trying i'm only fooling with myself i'm not your type
but ill appreciate and stare at those gorgeous eyes i could fall into and when im through i'll walk away but remember you
give the girl you love the time of day
but dont jump right in and give your heart away
fight it deny it
just fight it deny it don't let yourself fall in love
Track Name: My Life Is Like Swimming Across The Atlantic And I'm Drowning
why must you be so kind dear, it brings me pain
when i can't help but fall in love and you can only feign
you tell me to strum differently my songs sound the same
well it never was about the music as much as the message

So I tried to be like Sam, I tried but I'm different
like maybe I should walk to the underworld and die an early death
I wish that I could treat you the way you deserve
but experience has taught me darling you'll leave me on the curb
with a large pile of clothes to carry as I roam
searching for a place to rest needing you and being alone

So I tried to be like Sam, I tried but I'm different
like maybe I should walk to the underworld and die an early death
longing for your smile
i'll stand by and wait for awhile
awhile, more like eternity
‘cause you don't even know what you mean to me
Track Name: Double You See Is An Acronym Four
Hace tiempo bastante desde que yo he rimado
he sentido frustrado como si yo estuviera clavado
but it don't matter ‘cause White Chocolate is back on the scene
hoping you're catching the feeling of what we really mean
when we flip back and forth between the different languages and such
with descriptions that you can touch ‘cause truly poetry's a must
esta declarado en lengua desconocida
trate de entender no quiere decir que no tiene vida
el aliento de Dios existe afuera de religion
pero todas las personas estan buscando Sion
algum lugar o creencia que existe en los cielos
pero en verdad esta al dentro y la manera en como vemos
todo lo que nos rodea especialmente otra gente
si no podemos ver su necesidad somos ciegos de la mente
Blind just like I'm out of breath
But if there's one thing that stays true to life there's always more left
more drive to push ourselves forward to greater heights and beyond
hoping this song will be the dawn for someone else's dream to spawn
because this project isn't limited to what a label wants from me
I got my eyes wide open fists straight forward pushing to see
the possibilities that cover this earth ‘cause they exist
so take a faithful step forward towards the unknown before you miss

I'm not gonna ask you what's my name I don't care if you know me
I'm not down with that fame like David Bowie
you don't have to show me no I.D. I'm not the club bouncer
or your show announcer I know who I be
do you know who you are ghetto superstar
or do you have to check the personalized plates on your new car
to remember your remember of the hip hop community
your riches won't give you immunity to the soon to be
downfall of all your treasure
that's what happens to your rappin' when you measure success
in units of currency it worries me this false sense of security
the world is not as seen on MTV
identity crisis brought on by high prices
placed upon our heads by those with business license
fools taking the mark of the beat so they can buy sell and trade
it's a shame what a brother does to get paid
‘ho you're nothing but a paid ‘ho
don't you know you're nothing but a paid ‘ho
that's what you are you're a paid ‘ho
and that's hip hop kids

We never smoking a pound but still holding it down
Level 5 royal fam yeah we molding the sound
to the sweetness caress from your toes to your chest
right to left till you feel your whole life's been blessed
never test with anthems our whole crowd's for ransom
rhymes so hard I'm going to smack your grandson
lyrically handsome shine like a black star phantom
I'll never sell out like making the band son

and that's hip hop kids we aren't singing no song
‘cause our lyrics have deep meaning we're not here for the big con
and that's hip hop kids it's no gangster rap
we aren't sporting no wack money talk or bullcrap
and that's hip hop kids you say you always been down
the movement started with the message now all I'm seeing is clowns

(Drew and Robert)
so where's the money the girls and what makes your world
is it the monthly payment on your car so your pride unfurls
your lifestyle is what some might dub rich and famous
but have you seen Fight Club I think your lifestyle's aimless
Like the Ring have you seen that wicked thing
killed every single person if I found a wallet would I be like Ling Ling?
hey yo please pay attention to what we are addressing
but if i stole the money I promise later I'd be confessing
quit messing around keep the sound so it's down to be found
well just like Truman I may be floundering but I won't drown
I'll walk out the door ‘cause there's no shore to look for
Fiji does not exist unless like Steve Miller you can soar
You mean fly What? I said you mean fly like an eagle
but in any case your attempt to make sense was just feeble
you can use all the movies you want to make sense of this life
but in reality it's just an escape to forget why we try
to be sly when we cry manipulating all the gullible people who believe in the lie
that someday they'll be happy if they're just like Britney
or any rock star like Janis when she sang for Bobby Mcgee
Immortalize all the souls that die
I'm thinking what would they have really done if they could've got by
and survived continuing some sort of dream
would they have been role models or just sold out to stay on the scene
and why is it the media keeps singing their song
because it's not love for the dead and if you thought so you were wrong
the media is a monster and they just want your cash
they want it fast and they use sellouts to make agendas come to pass
and I swear that maybe today it's not having an effect
but give it a year and what we're saying connects
like what? like legos construct these rhythmic flows
and what you get is a message yeah yeah and here it goes
look up to nobodies and you'll be a nobody
especially living your life like a movie pretending to be somebody
but your play acting won't warrant respect
and eventually it leads to tapped credit cards and more bounced checks
but repeating this over and over again is the only option
so you understand here's the chorus my friend
Track Name: I Believe In True Love/Bottle All These Bad Days To Pour Out When It Rains
I met you in the stairway and I couldn't let you pass
till I was given a chance to ask
who you were and where you lived what you liked and who were your friends
so maybe i could get a chance to see you again
I wanted just to start as friends you wanted a pure love
free of lust's manipulation on our souls
you told me that you liked me for the person that I am
not for anything else just me forever more
So I came by and visited I courted you for months
and life's experience helped us to stay strong
even when it got late at night and I didn't want to go home
just keep talking let's just talk the whole night long
Would it be wrong? If we just talked the whole night long.
You came when I was surrendering You never let go of my hand
You read my mind when I thought no one could understand
you always pushed me forward ‘cause I always knew you cared
with your kindness I never doubted you'd be there I never doubted
Now life's so perfect la dee da you're everything to me
the only problem I can see is that we didn't ever meet
but i keep looking and I keep searching just for you why haven't you came
even still I will keep waiting just the same
oh darling please come quick don't play no games
oh sugar I just wish I knew your name
Track Name: I Am A Normal Healthy Person Which Means I Have Lots Of Problems
Hello to you girl goodbye heart I'm sorry but we must part
In order for me to be free to talk to such beauty
It's just a crush but I get so attached and your strings are fragile and never relaxed
I'd change if I could but I can't and I've tried I just got to live my life
Well how are you beautiful I'd never have guessed
your intellect could match your pretty face
but it's beautiful talking to someone who brightens my day
the endless monotony droning like the sound of an engine left idling in park
is what I've been feeling since you came along but I just felt a spark
of interest oh what is this no it couldn't be but I'll just take a shot
and expect just a miss you never know when you'll get lucky and get
Goodbye my heart, I wish I could look you in the eye
Farewell my soul, I wish I could break the spell you cast on me
Hello to you girl goodbye heart I'm sorry but we must part
In order for me to be free to talk to such beauty
Track Name: This Is My Favorite Song On The Album
Let me help you pull your head out, you're lost somewhere dark
In a state of such ignorance, stereotypes make their mark
your sweetness makes my throat sore, swallowing that sugar whole
you said there's never enough, but i think I'm getting full
Throw it out the window traveling at high speeds
‘cause this road trip's ending yeah we're nearing Mesquite
this is the final test that I will put you through
but I'm afraid that what will happen is this is the last I'll see of you
so goodbye
I've called you nearly eight times since the last time you called me
and I'm getting sick of worrying if you even care about me
everything I see every song I hear reminds me more of you
you'll forget the more time passes as I waste away in this room
threaten to fall in love with someone else
would be slamming myself inside with my own door
they'd be threats I'd make in vain
‘cause without you there's no escape from pain
Look out my window at night, that ethereal globe of light
but now when my eyes touch the sky, he always seems to cry,
he just cries like those eyes...
Track Name: Giving This Song A Title Wouldn't Give You Any Idea Of What Its Really About
I've loved the same girl for over a year but she don't love me back
But I'll keep on loving her just the same ‘cause I'm okay with that
Debate beating my head in a wall but it wouldn't take away the pain
It'd just be a few unconscious hours of a break but I'd still wake up with a headache
Live for sleep or that moment of peace or that girl who convinces me it's love
but it's things like this, this bitter anguish where I understand the reason I've come
to this place I loathe this nauseating abode
the place where I've learned to sing my problems can be a blessing
‘cause I understand your pain
I understand why you feel this way
‘cause I been there before and lived to see the next day
Track Name: Flip Flops Sandals And Thongs
these clothes I wear with holes and scuffs and an occasional tear
tell me what it is you see I'm willing to bet you can't even see me
Why am I wrong, I don't belong
Cool people they dress like geeks and trendy people end up being freaks
that's why it's wrong you see when you only look at someone seeing skin deep
Talk about the show how last you almost got in a fight
Keep telling your friends it was so cool oh yeah the bands were all right
talk about bands you know but don't even listen to
it's not what you wear as much as how much you care
about oh how great you look from all the ideas you got in a book
and so many magazines that make you look so fresh and so clean
Outkast would be so proud of all the pupils they teach
Midwest surfers are wanna be's five hours on hair can really make me scream
you come to shows just to be seen
if you're into music it's cool but you look like a fool
when you check up on your make up at the shows
Track Name: Julia Gulia Sounded Horrible To Me Too
I asked my friend today how come i don't get chicks
he said there's more than one reason but for starters, you're a lunatic
He said you need someone like you
and I think I get it, I just need a girl like Drew
Oh Drew How am I going to let you know? oh oh
ever since I was sixteen I thought it'd be great if we were both
holding hands and planning weddings so oh oh oh
would you give up your last name so we can both Drew Barlow
It's not your beauty that I find so attractive
It's not your money that I would ever be after
It's the simple way you do things or maybe the way you act
but Drew I think that I might love you NO, ‘cause it is a fact!
Oh Drew How am I going to let you know? oh oh
ever since I was sixteen I thought it'd be great if we were both
holding hands and planning weddings so oh oh oh
would you give up your last name so we can both Drew Barlow